Olympus mju 1030SW review: Olympus mju 1030SW

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Olympus mju 1030SW

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4 stars

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4.5 stars 2 user reviews

The Good Bomb-proof build; great screen and lens; fine 10-megapixel pictures.

The Bad Average focusing and detail; aggressive styling.

The Bottom Line Remember when electronic kit was easy to use and built to last? Those days are back -- the diamond-tough 1030SW takes good photos, thrives on rough treatment and offers competent point-and-shoot operation. Drop it, kick it, freeze it, splash it -- this camera can take it all and keeps on shooting

8.3 Overall

If the Olympus SW shockproof and waterproof cameras are the go-anywhere paratroopers of the camera world, this flexible top-end 10-megapixel model is Special Forces: it can be dropped from higher, sunk lower and crushed by heavier loads than any other snapper on the market. The mju 1030SW is available now for around £250.

Each generation of Olympus SW cameras gets a little smarter and a little tougher. The 1030SW is the flagship of the ruggedised range, with a specification that is little short of awesome. Waterproofing is extended to 10m deep, taking it beyond the previous 3m splash-about ratings and into the world of serious scuba diving. Drop-proofing is up to 2m (from 1.5m), so even the lankiest snappers can afford to be butter-fingered, and a 100kg crush-force should cope well with vigorous trampling.

In the past, we've found Olympus' ratings to be on the conservative side, so you can probably push these figures another 20-30 per cent (although don't come crying to us if your shiny new camera springs a leak while exploring the Great Barrier Reef).

The photo side of things has been improved, too. A wide-angle 28mm lens is an excellent addition to a camera that will be used in extreme outdoor conditions, being much more forgiving of framing and focusing errors. There is a touch of distortion at this wide-angle setting, but you don't sacrifice much at the top end -- the 3.6x zoom extends to a respectable 102mm equivalent telephoto. The 69mm (2.7-inch) screen is crisp and colourful.

Face Detection and Shadow Adjustment technologies are on-board and worth having, although neither is as effective as cutting edge systems from other camera companies. Overall, though, control and responsiveness have improved. The menu system gives speedy access to most key functions (although not the Face Detection auto-focus), and shutter delay is annoying but not prohibitive, at under half a second.

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