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Nokia X7

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Typical Price: £350.00
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2.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

2.5 stars 4 user reviews

The Good Brilliant build quality and design; AMOLED screen is bright and colourful; good connectivity options.

The Bad Removing SIM and microSD cards is awkward; under-powered CPU; Symbian Anna needs scrapping.

The Bottom Line The Nokia X7's exterior is a treat for the eyes, but its internal components are a different story. A weak processor and outdated Symbian operating system mean this smart phone isn't a match for the iPhone or many Android devices.

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5.5 Overall

The Nokia X7 is the latest offering in the company's soon-to-be-extinct Symbian smart-phone range. Its gorgeous appearance and great build quality ensure a positive first impression, but they also mask some serious issues with the internal technology and software.

The X7 is available for free on a monthly contract for around £30. If you want to pick up the phone SIM-free, expect to hand over around £350.

Build quality

If looks could kill, the X7 would be responsible for quite a few fatalities. The sleek metal casing and futuristic, angular styling are pretty exciting when you consider that most other phone makers seem content to just copy each other's ideas.

Nokia X7 case
The X7's brushed-metal back looks fantastic and gives the phone a quality feel.

The cool grilles situated on each corner of the X7's front look like they belong on a high-performance sports car, and the brushed-metal back gives the handset a premium feel that even the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2 struggle to provide.

Nokia is famed for producing devices with solid build quality, and the X7 continues this tradition. It feels as solid as a rock, and refuses to emit a single creak no matter how hard you grip its casing.

Size and weight

At just under 12mm thick, the X7 isn't the thinnest smart phone we've seen, but it won't create a massive bulge in your pocket either. At 146g, you're not going to be able to carry it around in your trousers without knowing about it.

Not every aspect of the X7's design is pleasing. There's no way of replacing the battery, which means you can't purchase an additional power cell for those long trips away from home.

The solid casing also means that Nokia has had to resort to somewhat unusual methods for inserting and removing the SIM and microSD cards. These slot into the left-hand side of the X7 via removable compartments, but the extraction process is incredibly fiddly. It also feels as if the compartments themselves could snap if you use too much force.

AMOLED screen

The X7's 4-inch AMOLED touchscreen is gorgeous, but it lags behind the more recent Super AMOLED Plus variant seen on the Galaxy S2. The resolution of 360x640 pixels is also slightly disappointing, especially when you consider the phone is a top-of-the-range handset. Even the ageing HTC Desire manages a resolution of 480x800 pixels, albeit on a slightly smaller display.

Nokia X7 SIM and microSD cards
The X7 effortlessly wins the award for most awkward method of inserting and removing SIM and microSD cards.

The capacitive touchscreen is reinforced by toughened Gorilla Glass. It supports multi-touch commands, such as pinch to zoom.

Symbian Anna

It's common knowledge that Nokia is putting its much-lamented Symbian OS out to pasture this year, in favour of using Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system. That effectively makes the X7, which runs Symbian Anna, the latest version of the OS, something of a dead end.

Symbian may have undergone some alterations to bring it in line with Android and Apple's iOS, but it still lags behind those two market-leading operating systems by some margin. While it gets some stuff right -- such as active home-screen widgets, revised icon grids and integration with Nokia's Ovi Store for downloads -- much of the basic functionality is highly suspect.

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