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The Good GPS on the fly; huge colour screen; good 5-megapixel photos; unbeatable connectivity.

The Bad Sluggish menus; a few bugs and crashes; average MP3 playback; high price.

The Bottom Line The N95 almost justifies its hefty price-tag for the sat-nav alone. Despite a few bugs, Nokia's handset succeeds as phone, camera, media player, PDA and above all personal navigator. If we had to rescue just one device from a burning house, it would be the N95

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Every now and then a product comes along that promises to revolutionise the market. The N95 is such a beast, combining satellite navigation, a cutting-edge 5-megapixel camera, a media player and PDA functions in a handset that somehow isn't the size of a brick.

If you look hard enough (and don't mind an astronomical tariff) you can find the N95 for less than £50 on a monthly contract, but the SIM-free price is an eye-watering £630. There's also an 8GB version of the N95 that has a larger screen and comes in a black casing. For more information read our full Nokia N95 8GB review .

Nokia knows how to put a phone together. Pick up the N95 and you simply won't believe that so much technology has been squeezed into such a light, palm-friendly device.

Nokia has embraced a two-way sliding design that lets you push the screen up and let your fingers roam over a nicely textured keypad, or slide it down to reveal a fashionably touch-sensitive suite of media-player controls. This also switches the N95's stunning 66mm (2.6-inch) screen into landscape mode and activates its new 3D multimedia menu -- more of which later.

The screen shifts to landscape format for watching video or listening to music

An almost-flush control pad beneath the screen lets you access menus and key functions while the phone is closed, and there's the obligatory secondary pinhole camera (352x288 pixels) for video calls. The main camera is around the back, with an LED light and protected by an excellent manual lens cover.

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