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The Good Excellent build quality.

The Bad Price tag; lack of flash on the camera.

The Bottom Line It's definitely priced as a high-end phone and it feels like one, but for what it offers in features, the Nokia 8800 Arte is just too expensive. We simply expected more and while it ticks a lot of boxes, we can't help feeling that it's not feature-packed enough to warrant its price tag

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The Nokia 8800 Arte looks and feels like a phone that knows what it wants. Building on the original 8800 with high-end materials, it sets its no-nonsense sights on the luxury end of the market. We gave this handset some lip to test its level of commitment.

The Nokia 8800 Arte is available from Orange and Carphone Warehouse for around £200 on a monthly contract.

There are different kinds of weightiness in mobiles: there's the reassuring weight of quality or that huge lump in your pocket. If there's one thing about the Nokia 8800 Arte that hits you the second you take it out of its superfluous box , it's the handset's build quality. The Nokia 8800 Arte is heavy, but it makes you feel like you've got something that'll last. It's a shame that this kind of build quality is increasingly becoming a rare thing to find.

The keypad emerges from the handset when you slide it upwards. Similar in keypad and screen to the original 8800, we're not enamoured of its functionality, but it does add flair. We found the keypad easy to use as all the keys are raised, making them easier to find.

Still, for such an expensive phone, we expected something more flashy. Not the encrusted- with-diamonds kind of flashy, but the look of the Arte isn't really that special. In fact, on a dark night, you'd be hard pressed to notice anything that 'premium' about the Arte, but some may argue that high quality products aren't about flash.

Its price is certainly premium and we expected the best features available. Instead, we were frazzled by the Arte's offerings. For instance, there's a 3.2-megapixel camera, but no flash. Kiss those romantic, candle-lit photos goodbye. You won't be able to see anything unless the curtains catch on fire. Also, there's Web browsing over 3G, but a relatively small screen, so compared to something like the N95 , it doesn't really lend itself to surfing.

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