Nokia 7310 Supernova review:

Nokia 7310 Supernova

Typical Price: £120.00
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3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Exchangeable covers; slim design.

The Bad Lack of flash on the camera.

The Bottom Line For those of us who owned Nokia phones with exchangeable covers, it's exciting to see them make a comeback. But the limited amount of cases available now makes the 7310 slightly less exciting than the Nokias of old. We're also not overwhelmed by the features the 7310 has to offer -- that said, if you're after a simple phone with a little flair, this could be it

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6.5 Overall

If you grew up during the early 90s you'll remember that certain Nokia handsets boasted removable covers. Some years later Nokia decided that swapping covers was rather passé, but now they're back -- and Nokia's latest handset to feature a fully removable case is the 7310 Supernova. It's available now SIM-free for around £120.

The Nokia 7310 Supernova is a slim candybar phone that fits comfortably in a pocket. As with very old Nokia models you can completely remove the cover on the 7310 and swap it with other compatible covers. Unfortunately you're limited to a handful of designs compared to the plethora you used to be able to get when the removable covers craze was at its height -- ultimately making it a more boring product.

To give it a little more spice, the 7310's provided cover packs an extremely reflective screen and keypad, the result of which is that until the screen is activated, it looks like a mirror. Handy for a little emergency lippy, but it also means that in bright light, you might find it difficult to see clearly.

Adding to the sense that this is a blast from the past, the 7310 is pretty thin on features. What you do get, though, is an easy-to-understand menu system that keeps things simple, while offering added functionality such as being able to display shortcuts on the start page.

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