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The Good Attractive, curvaceous design; easy to use.

The Bad No HSDPA support; poor camera; noisy audio output.

The Bottom Line We like the Nokia 7230's luxurious styling, simplicity and slide-out keypad, but it doesn't offer anything that makes it stand out from the crowd

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The Nokia 7230 mobile phone lacks higher-end features like Wi-Fi and HSDPA connectivity, but hopes to win over less affluent buyers with its stylish, curvaceous design, slide-out keypad and good battery life. 

Contract prices haven't been announced yet, but you can pick the 7230 up for around £110 SIM-free, and it will be available on a pay-as-you-go deal for around £100.

Curves in all the right places
From the brick-like N900 to the overly cheap-looking X3 , recent Nokia handsets have been more miss than hit when it comes to design. But the rather stylish 7230 redresses the balance somewhat. The phone has a sexy, curvaceous shape, with a luxurious-looking chrome band running around its edge. Although the battery cover may be rather plasticky, its ribbed finish at least makes the phone easy to grip.

The keypad slides out with a satisfyingly smooth action, revealing relatively large keys that are well spaced out. As a result, it's easy to get up to a decent speed when texting.

The 7230's 61mm (2.4-inch) screen is very bright and sharp. Its 240x320-pixel resolution means icons, text and videos look pleasingly crisp. The screen's viewing angle is slightly lacking, however. When you turn the phone slightly to the left or right, colours turn murky very quickly.

Back to basics
The phone is based around Nokia's Series 40 operating system, which is very straightforward to use. The default home screen is simple, but you can turn on a handy shortcut bar at the bottom that gives you a quick way of accessing features like the music player and camera. You can also launch these from within the main menu, which presents the various options in a traditional grid layout.

The 7230 is available in either pink or black

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