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Nokia 5228 X-Factor

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2.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

1 stars 1 user review

The Good Decent, speedy camera.

The Bad Tacky appearance;. Sluggish interface;. Not even very X Factor-themed.

The Bottom Line You can blame it on stage fright, but when the lights go up, the Nokia 5228 pales in comparison to rival budget phones. Despite its self-proclaimed star quality, it just doesn't have the X factor to win our vote.

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5.5 Overall

We might have our quibbles about Nokia's performance in the high-end smart phone market, but one thing the crazy Finnish company knows how to do is bring affordable, easy-to-use mobiles to the masses. Well masses, get ready to celebrate, because we're here to review the Nokia 5228 -- a Symbian S60 5th edition mobile that's yours for around £70 on pay as you go. It also comes in a talented X Factor-themed version exclusively from Carphone Warehouse, who provided our sample, so we're giving this review an X Factor theme, too.

Enter stage right

Hello and welcome to the CNET UK tech auditions. We've gathered the world's cruellest, most heartless tech judges together to shatter the dreams of aspiring gadgets from all over the country. Without further ado, let's meet our first performer: the Nokia 5228 mobile telephone.

The Nokia 5228 hails from a little-known European country, and has travelled to the UK with the dream of bringing happiness to mobile-hungry Brits with its 3.2-inch resistive touchscreen, built-in accelerometer and 2-megapixel camera. Life hasn't always dealt the Nokia family a fair hand -- their business is struggling thanks to increased competition from big scary corporations like Apple and HTC, but the 5228 tells us its parent corporation has always given it "all the support in the world." Will that support be enough to impress our judges?


Fat lip

Stood trembling before us on stage, we have to say the 5228 isn't much of a looker. Rather chunky at 111 by 51.7 by 15.5mm, this mobile doesn't have the rockstar chic of more slender handsets, and it's liable to bulk out your pocket somewhat if you stuff it in your jeans. With a dull, silvery sheen covering the front and back of the handset, there's not a great deal of glamour to go around, either. The sourest note is an ugly plastic lip that surrounds the 5228's faceplate, and really breaks up what could have been a smooth, sleek design.

Around the edges of this frumpy phone you'll find mechanical volume keys, a camera button, power switch, 3.5mm socket for headphones, micro-USB port and two covered ports for your SIM and microSD card.

If there's anything reality TV has taught us, it's not to judge a book by its cover. The 5228 is certainly no stunner, but will its performance wow the crowds?

So, not much of a looker then -- our judges' fingers are poised over the buzzers. But looks can be deceiving, so we're going to give the 5228 a chance to Susan Boyle us. (Yeah, yeah, we know. That was Britain's Got Talent. They're all the same to us).

Sadly, unlocking the 3.2-inch screen and revealing the display doesn't give us too much cause for celebration. When this mobile opens its mouth we can see that the display is set quite far back from the actual screen. It's a little disappointing because, although the display is quite bright and offers a decent resolution (640x360 pixels), that extra distance makes it look a little dull. Needless to say, photos and video on this phone won't look great. As far as the display goes, Nokia 5228, it's a 'no' from us.

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