Nokia 2330 Classic review: Nokia 2330 Classic

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Typical Price: £30.00

Nokia 2330 Classic

(Part #: CNETNokia 2330 Classic)
3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Affordable; decent music player; lengthy battery life; easy to use.

The Bad No memory-expansion options; lumbered with naff headphones; cramped keyboard.

The Bottom Line The Nokia 2330 Classic is a perfectly decent budget phone that manages to squeeze in some slick extra features, such as a music player and FM radio. Its keypad won't win any awards, though

6.5 Overall

The Nokia 2330 Classic is the latest in a long line of cheap, functional mobile phones from the Finnish manufacturer. It's not one for feature fiends, but is rather aimed squarely at those looking to save pennies. That said, it comes with some cool extra features, including a music player and radio, and a very basic VGA-resolution snapper. You can bag the 2330 for free on a £5-per-month, 2-year contract. Alternatively, it's available for £20 on a pay as you go deal, or £30 SIM-free.

Noughties throwback

The 2330 is something of a throwback to the good old days. Purposefully simple, it doesn't dabble with touchscreen technology, or have access to apps galore. It's primarily designed to make calls, send texts and handle a few tunes on the side.

Its design is basic, but the phone feels durable. The black, plastic battery cover feels like it could withstand myriad bumps and scrapes, while its tapered edges mean the phone sits comfortably in your hand. At just 80g, it's lightweight, and it won't create any unseemly bulges in even the skinniest of jeans.

Get tinkering with the blower and it instantly feels familiar. The simple Nokia user interface offers ten icons in the main menu. You can dive into messaging, music, Web-access and calendar functions, using the navigation pad in the centre of the device. Each key surrounding the main navigation button sits flush with the device, with none feeling redundant, whatever menu system you duck into. This is Nokia at its most purposeful and design-conscious. There's no over-the-top cleverness -- just basic mobile necessities implemented well.

The music player's not bad, but it's somewhat handicapped by the phone's lack of memory-expansion options

The main keypad, however, leaves much to be desired. Its narrow width means bashing out texts can cause nasty thumb ache. The keys themselves aren't ideal either. Their chrome finish looks great, but flush keys just can't compete with proper isolated buttons.

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