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4.5 stars Outstanding
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5 stars 8 user reviews

The Good Lightweight yet robust construction;. Fast and responsive for an entry-level model;. Reasonably priced;. Large, well-labelled buttons and controls;. Built-in 'guide' mode.

The Bad Handgrip is on the small side;. Video not as quick or easy to shoot with as other dSLRs.

The Bottom Line The Nikon D3100 provides a painless entry point into the Nikon dSLR system. It enables amateurs to capture more professional-looking images with the minimum of fuss and prior knowledge.

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With Christmas on the horizon, the D3100 is an important  Lumix DMC-GH2 -- rather than the current fixed variety. Oh, and the resolution could do with being boosted beyond the bog-standard 230k dots. Apart from that, there's not a great deal wrong with the D3100. For the price, it should make for a very sound investment for first-dSLR buyers.

Edited by Charles Kloet and Emma Bayly

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