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3.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Easy to mount; Affordable; Looks good.

The Bad Tiny screen; Fiddly postcode input; Gimmicky features.

The Bottom Line The Navigon 20 Plus has an abundance of slightly superflous features, and its postcode input is massively annoying, but it gets you where you need to go and doesn't cost much.

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7.5 Overall

The Navigon 20 Plus is the slightly pimped-out and enhanced version of Navigon's entry-level sat-nav, the Navigon 20 Easy. It's aimed at those who are on the road all the time, but don't want to fork out loads for a top-end sat-nav.

The device offers UK or European maps, a motion sensor that activates menus when you wave at it, active lane assistant, text to speech and spoken traffic alerts. It's on sale now for around £100.

Mount up

The Navigon 20 Plus is a small, relatively attractive device. The nav itself features a curved, glossy black bezel and a small 3.5-inch touchscreen with a 4:3 aspect ratio. This attaches to a relatively large L-shaped mount that's extremely easy to mount to a car's windscreen.

Attaching it is simply a case of pressing the suction mount against the screen and pushing a small lever down until it snaps in place. Once positioned, the mount holds firm until the lever is lifted, with no amount of enthusiastic driving or even yanking able to dislodge it.

Enter the dragon

The Navigon 20 Plus is relatively straightforward to use, though it does have a few user interface foibles. The first thing you encounter when using the device is the main menu, from which you can enter a new destination, show previous destinations, peruse the map, or navigate to the place you've stored as home.

It's possible to enter a destination by tapping in its seven-digit postcode, geographical coordinates, or by browsing for points of interest that are in a particular city or close to your current location (such as the closest petrol station). There are also Navigon Sightseeing and Navigon Sightseeing Tours features -- point of interest add-ons that must be bought separately via the company's Web site.

Jumping through hoops

Sadly, entering a postcode can be fiddly. Once you've entered the first two letters of a UK postcode, you then have to press a dedicated numerical input button before you're taken to the screen that lets you enter numbers. Once you've entered the first set of numbers in the postcode, you then have to switch back to the alphanumeric screen to enter the space, then switch immediately back to numerical inputs to enter the next number in your postcode, before going back to the alphanumeric entry screen to enter the remaining letters.

Entering the postcode SW16 6XX, for example, would require you to flick between numeric and alphanumeric entry screens a total of six times. It's as if the system was designed by someone who'd never been to the UK, or simply wants to punish British residents because of the format of our postcodes.

Motion control

Once you've eventually set your destination and you're on your way, the Navigon 20 Plus' menu options disappear in order to present your route more clearly on the tiny screen. Summoning the menu options requires a simple gesture -- simply wave your hand in front of the display and a set of four icons pops up from the bottom.

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