MSN Messenger 7 review: MSN Messenger 7

MSN Messenger 7 now allows Web queries during chats. When you enter text in the conversation window and click Search, both parties see the results.

Messenger 7 is a breeze to use. Starting a chat session is easy, and the games and radio channel controls are accessible via the top toolbar. We could do without the left-side tabbed column of icons for eBay,, and other Microsoft business partners, and the floating MSN Today news window was equally unwelcome. For an IM applet, Messenger 7 hogs too much desktop space, although you can easily turn off these annoyances via the Tool/Options dialog box. Still, Messenger 7 is a first-rate IM app overall and an essential upgrade for its millions of existing users.

You can reach customer support, which is excellent for a free program, easily via the help menu. Microsoft responded to our e-mail queries within 24 hours.

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    MSN Messenger 7

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    • Release date 7 Apr 2005