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MSI Wind U160

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Typical Price: £330.00
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3.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

3 stars 1 user review

The Good Cool design; comfortable keyboard; responsive trackpad.

The Bad Low-resolution display; some keyboard flex.

The Bottom Line Its components aren't particularly exciting and its low-resolution display may prove annoying, but the MSI Wind U160 is solidly built and attractively designed. As such, it's a cut above standard netbook fare

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7.5 Overall

Ah, netbooks. We remember when Asus whipped out the very first super-tiny laptop, the Eee PC 701. It wasn't long before other manufacturers followed suit, and now everyone and their mum is trying to push their own models. With so many of the blighters out there sporting largely identical specs, how does a netbook distinguish itself from the rest of the herd? In the case of the 10-inch MSI Wind U160, available for around £330, it does so by slathering itself in gold paint.

You're indestructible
The U160 is certainly more visually arresting than many of the netbooks that come our way, thanks to its glossy gold coating (it's also available in black). It sports a much darker hue on the lid, with a lighter, caramel tone adorning the interior.

The rounded edges do much to lend the netbook a classy look, and we're especially fond of the hinge. It's silver, with bright metal caps on either end. The cap on the right-hand side hosts a blue LED power switch.

Around the sides, there's a VGA output, three USB ports, an Ethernet port, a multi-format card reader, and 3.5mm sockets for attaching headphones and a microphone. Above the display, you'll find a 1.3-megapixel webcam.

The chassis itself feels very solid and well built. This machine doesn't feel like it'll fall apart in your hands during that all-important board members' meeting. The U160 is also lighter than many rival machines, weighing 1.24kg. That means you can easily fling it into a satchel before gallivanting off into the sunset.

Braille-iant trackpad
The battery pack at the rear of the U160 is bulbous, and raises the netbook's frame so that the keyboard is tilted slightly forward. The keyboard is of the isolated variety -- each individual key floats in a sea of golden plastic.

The keyboard flexes slightly when you apply pressure, but it's easy to type on

Although the keys are quite small, the gap between each one means that rattling off long emails or typing at speed is comfortable and easy -- we managed to avoid making too many typos. We weren't at all happy, however, to discover some flex when we applied pressure to the keyboard. That's especially disappointing considering how well built the rest of this netbook is.

The U160's trackpad is better than most. Applying a finger to the trackpad's lightly dotted surface feels much like reading Braille, and it delivers a really responsive and smooth mousing experience. The trackpad isn't particularly big, but the textured surface makes it easy to tell when your finger has strayed off the edge, and you're just poking fecklessly at the chassis.

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