Motorola U9 review:

Motorola U9

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3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Smooth and small design; ridged keypad.

The Bad Lack of camera flash; not many stand-out features.

The Bottom Line If you're looking for a fashionable phone that does the basics then the Motorola U9 is worth investigating. Avoid it if you're looking for something with more functional oomph

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6.5 Overall

Motorola has always had a distinct style. You'll find the company's latest handset, the Motorola U9, ticks this box with its appealingly curvaceous design and colours. Is there more than meets the eye?

It's currently available to buy on pay as you go from about £90 and for free on a monthly contract on most networks.

Similar to the Motorola Pebl, the Motorola U9 looks like something you could easily skim across a lake. Still, it's smaller and lighter than the Pebl and in our opinion, more stylish. Our review model came in a Cadbury's Dairy Milk-purple colour that seemed to attract as many fans as it did haters.

The U9 also comes in black and pink, housing a hidden external screen that displays a clock and music tracks, among other things. When the external screen is off, the front of the U9 looks seamless, aside from a Motorola logo and a 2-megapixel camera.

The Motorola U9's keypad is flat but has ridges around each key that make it easy to use

Before we venture inside this purple lozenge, it's worth mentioning that the back section comes in a satisfying rubber finish that seems to be almost everywhere these days. Interestingly, the casing comes in one colour while the keypad comes in another, which again seemed to divide opinions.

The U9's screen isn't tiny but seems small alongside Motorola's other clamshell, the Razr V3. The U9's keypad is also smaller than the V3's but it's very comfortable to use. Although the keypad is flat, it features a series of ridges that make it easy to distinguish between each key.

Anyone who owned a Razr V3 will know that the interface wasn't outstanding and after a while, it started to look dated. Fortunately, the U9's user interface looks modern and is easy to use, but we did notice it was frustratingly slow at times.

Unfortunately, while this phone looks impressive, it's not as dazzling when it comes to features. You'll find a simple music player that will allow you to shuffle tracks, adjust the equaliser and create playlists. You can listen to music using the proprietary or stereo Bluetooth headphones.

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