Mio DigiWalker C220 review: Mio DigiWalker C220

Typical Price: £150.00

Mio DigiWalker C220

(Part #: CNETMio DigiWalker C220)
3.5 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Low weight; smart mapping; sensitive navigation; speed cameras included.

The Bad Cramped screen; illogical interface; stuffy voice guidance; expensive European maps.

The Bottom Line A street-smart navigator that takes both long-distance driving and tourist wandering in its stride. If you're after an entry-level sat-nav, don't let the prim voice guidance, cramped screen and weird interface put you off -- this navigator is built to last

7.5 Overall

If you associate Mio with cumbersome PDAs and clunky smartphones, the C220 will come as a pleasant surprise. It's a small, dedicated touchscreen sat-nav that's as home in a handbag as it is on your dashboard -- all at a price that's miniaturised to match: around £130 online.

At last, sat-navs are starting to creep out of cars and into the daylight. While the C220 could never be described as ruggedised or waterproof, its rounded, lightweight (110g) design certainly feels capable of absorbing a few bumps. Its 4.5-hour battery life is just about enough for a day's car-free tourism, too.

Despite the low price, the 89mm (3.5-inch) screen is no budget display -- it's bright, crisp and very colourful. Touch sensitivity is acceptable and voice commands are clear and loud, with dynamic volume control linked to your speed, if you want.

Route maps are smoothly drawn and well designed, with extraneous information ruthlessly stripped away and helpful extras added, such as animated arrows showing which exit to take at roundabouts.

You have a choice of two main views: Cockpit, which shows driving info such as speed, time and next turn; and Map, a tidier view more suitable for pedestrian use.

Satellite acquisition is good, with the C220 locking on in about 3 minutes. Route calculation is also speedy, and you can examine the planned itinerary turn-by-turn, landmark-by-landmark or even squeezed on to a single screen. Re-calculation is also well handled. UK maps are pre-loaded, with European mapping on SD costing a hefty £75. You get a year's worth of speed camera updates included in the price, but a TMC receiver for traffic info is an optional extra.

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