LG PS7000 (50PS7000) review: LG PS7000 (50PS7000)

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The Good Good price; tasteful design; plenty of features and connections; generally very impressive high-definition picture quality.

The Bad Sounds treble-heavy; standard-definition performance isn't great; black levels aren't quite up to normal plasma standards; worrying amount of image retention.

The Bottom Line The LG 50PS7000's pictures are unusually aggressive for a plasma TV, so it's capable of performing spectacularly well with HD material. But the same aggression arguably hinders the TV's standard-definition efforts, and leads to a worrying situation in which shadowy remnants of bright picture elements remain visible on the screen long after they should have disappeared

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After winning us over last week with the amazingly affordable 47LH3000 LCD TV, LG is trying to do it again with the 50PS7000, a 50-inch, 1080p plasma telly that can be found online for around £950. The question is: can the 50PS7000's plasma technology deliver as powerful a punch as LG's current large LCD sets?

Tasteful design
While not as visually delicious as some of LG's current TVs, there's still plenty of subtle appeal in the 50PS7000's bold, large, glossy black bezel. The deep black is pleasantly offset by a transparent trim, and a see-through, blue-tinged strip along the TV's bottom edge that follows through into the blue-tinted glass desktop stand.

In addition to its generally opulent build quality, the 50PS7000 has a good set of connections, including four HDMI ports, a USB 2.0 port and a PC port. There's also a key connection that you can't see: wireless Bluetooth connectivity, for streaming in photos or songs from a Bluetooth mobile, or playing sound to Bluetooth headphones. The USB port can handle DivX high-definition video, as well as the more typical JPEG and MP3 file formats. Excellent.

Exemplary menus
'Excellent' is also the word that comes to mind when you start exploring the 50PS7000's on-screen menus. Their sensible structure and terrific presentation make them pretty much a blueprint for other brands to follow.

The 50PS7000's attractive chassis plays host to a good set of connections

We'd like it very much, too, if other brands followed the lead of the 50PS7000's 'picture wizard' system, which guides you through optimising your picture settings via a series of well-explained built-in test signals.

The 50PS7000's flexibility is also impressive for the price. Tucked away within the on-screen menus are unexpectedly high-level fine-tuning options, such as dynamic-colour and contrast adjustments, various gamma settings, a black-level booster, and a processor for enhancing edges.

So extensive are the 50PS7000's picture tweaks, in fact, that the picture-preset list contains a couple of options labelled 'ISF'. They're for use by an Imaging Science Foundation expert, so that, if you're willing to pay for the service, you can get perfectly calibrated night and day picture options.

The 50PS7000's last really noteworthy feature is its 600Hz processing. As is the case with Panasonic's supposedly 600Hz plasmas, this figure doesn't actually mean the picture refreshes 600 times a second. Rather, it's arrived at by adding loads of extra frames of image data to smooth and sharpen motion reproduction. LG's 600Hz system may not work quite as well as Panasonic's, but its effects are, for the most part, distinctly beneficial, especially when it comes to reducing judder.

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