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LG KF700

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The Good Ability to use keypad and touchscreen; HSDPA; widgets.

The Bad Web browser isn't great; lack of xenon flash.

The Bottom Line The LF KF700 definitely isn't the iPhone but it's easy enough to make phone calls and send text messages with it. It doesn't look too bad either. We would have preferred a better Web browser, but if you can live without the mobile Internet then you might want to check it out

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6.5 Overall

It seems that the South Koreans have taken note of the iPhone's success and are heading into touchscreen territory faster than you can say, "hmm, that looks a bit like the iPhone". If you're not keen on Apple products, you may want to check out the LG KF700. It not only features a touchscreen but also comes with HSDPA (3.5G) and a slide-out keypad. Can it compete with the Jesus phone?

It's currently available on O2 from free on a monthly contract.

The LG KF700 falls somewhere in between the LG Chocolate and the LG Prada. It's not particularly large compared to a phone such as the Nokia N73, but it will take up space in your pocket. We didn't find it too heavy to carry around and it felt solid enough to handle a few drops and hits.

The LG KF700 has a large touchscreen that gives you access to all the phone's features

On the front of the KF700, there's a large touchscreen similar to the Prada's. Hidden underneath, you'll find a standard keypad, and Chocolate owners will be familiar with its layout. It's not the most inspiring of designs, but it is functional. The keypad works well when you need to text and the screen is good for quickly jumping to apps and content.

Adding to the screen and keypad, a scroll wheel at the back of the KF700 gives you access to various features, such as the Web browser and music player. You can also use the scroll wheel to search through your contacts and music, which is useful if you want to look through a long list quickly.

Similar to the LG Prada and Viewty, the KF700 uses a simple, icon-based interface that's fairly easy to understand. When you start the KF700 up for the first time, it gets you to align the touchscreen using your fingers or thumb, and there's no need for stylus. Vibrating feedback ensures that you know when you've tapped the screen.

An interesting feature on the touchscreen -- we've seen it mirrored on the recently launched Samsung Tocco -- is the ability to add widgets to the KF700's home screen. These include two clocks, a calendar and a notepad for taking quick notes. You can only have one widget up at the time but you can change them quite easily by opening the widget menu on the side of the screen.

On the back of the KF700, there's a scroll wheel that gives you quick access to certain apps and also lets you scroll quickly through your contacts and music

Once you've calibrated the touchscreen, you can get on with using the KF700's star features. These include HSDPA for accessing the Web at up to speeds of 7.2Mbps. To our disappointment, the KF700's browser doesn't render pages well, making full sites look like WAP sites. Plus, the browser interface feels clunky.

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