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Typical Price: £1,200.00
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3.5 stars

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The Good Picture quality; surprisingly good sound; styling.

The Bad Backlight is patchy; price is too high; inputs not convenient or numerous.

The Bottom Line The JVC LT-42DS9 isn't a bad TV. Unfortunately, its great styling and decent sound and picture are let down by a dodgy backlight and high price

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7.5 Overall

We recently took a long hard look at the Toshiba Regza 40ZF355D, a TV with an ultra-thin bezel and came away incredibly impressed. Now JVC has arrived on the scene with its LT-42DS9, hoping to nick Toshiba's slim-line crown.

The 42DS9 is a high-end TV, offering 1080p support with a bunch of picture-processing modes and a price tag that's about the same as the Toshiba. Can the JVC better the picture quality on the thin Tosh?

It has to be said: this TV is a truly stunning sight. Unlike the Toshiba, the JVC is also incredibly shallow too, but not in a Shoreditch hipster way. If you look at the side, you'll notice the TV virtually disappears. If size-zero styling is important to you, you'll definitely impress people with this super-slim model.

The front of the TV doesn't contain much in the way of distractions from the screen's clean lines. On the right hand side, there are some touch-sensitive controls for adjusting the volume and channel. These are among the most responsive touch controls we've used, and they look great, too.

Like Paris Hilton has Nicole Richie, the 42DS9 has a slim remote control powered by two AAA batteries. We quite liked the style of the remote, and it's easy to use, although the navigation directional controls can be fiddly.

At the back of the TV, you'll find the usual arrangement of inputs. There is one slight oddity, though: the component and Scart sockets are concealed under a removable flap. We can see the logic to this, because many people might not use them, but it's going to be hassle if you decide to wall-mount your TV. Still, the three HDMI sockets are at the bottom, facing down, which means they're easier to access and won't interfere with a wall mount too badly.

The 1080p JVC supports 24p movie mode for smooth movie playback. We've come to expect this on high-end TVs, but we're always pleased to see it included. Our tests confirmed very smooth motion on Blu-ray movies, proving everything was in order.

We're not looking at menus as excellent as those we've seen on the Panasonic Viera TH-37PX80B and LG 50PG6000, but we can't really fault the overall ease of use of the JVC's menus. The setup was easy and the TV takes care of pretty much everything. We did notice that it didn't find BBC One and Two after an auto search -- this is the first TV we've reviewed that's struggled to track down a signal in our test environment.

Once we turned off most of the TV's advanced picture settings and dropped the backlight down to its minimum setting, we found the picture to be very watchable. At 42 inches, the JVC is hovering around the maximum to which we'd like to see Freeview pictures stretched. Although compression was more obvious, it helped to sit a decent distance away, leaving us with positive thoughts.

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