Humax LU23-TD2 review:

Humax LU23-TD2

Typical Price: £290.00
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3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Size; HD picture quality; good PC input.

The Bad Freeview picture; weak sound.

The Bottom Line The Humax LU23-TD2 is a good choice for a small TV. It's certainly one to consider if you want a dedicated smaller screen for your games console or to keep the children happy

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6.5 Overall

Although most of us are mainly focused on thin, large screen TVs for the lounge, there is a substantial market for second sets to use in bedrooms, kitchens and studies. These smaller screens could replace bulky CRT TVs, and be used for gaming or to keep the kids happy while you and your other half enjoy a movie on the bigger screen.

As simple, budget TV, the Humax LU23-TD2 answers your second screen prayers and has built-in Freeview and the ability to offer high-definition gaming for around £290.

We weren't blinded by the flashiness of the Humax's design. It's finished in a plain, matte black colour with a sparkle of silver along its trim, including the stand. At the bottom of the screen are the speakers, which are placed under a grille that runs the width of the screen.

The front of the TV has no controls of any kind -- there is only a simple power LED to tell you when the TV is in standby. The volume, channel and other controls are hidden on the right hand side of the TV, obscured by the front bezel.

The back of the TV houses most of the inputs, although there are the usual side connections for S-Video and composite inputs. Everything at the back -- including the power connection -- is concealed behind a removable panel. This, and the way the connections are placed, makes wall mounting much easier. We appreciate this approach -- it means cables are kept tidier.

In terms of connectivity, you'll find a single HDMI socket -- probably enough for a TV this small -- component, VGA, single Scart and of course, an aerial input.

The simple, grey remote control does what it's told and is the usual Humax affair. It's in keeping with the unembellished style, and that's really the whole point.

While the Humax isn't exactly brimming over with features, it has everything you're likely to want in a second TV. It holds a built-in Freeview with the option of a CAM to allow access to Top Up TV's pay channels and Setanta Sports. There's also an analogue tuner for those not yet in a digital area.

The Humax can support PC resolutions of 1,366x768 pixels, like most 720p TVs. Of course, most PCs don't actually output in this resolution, so you might need to do some tweaking to get the best performance.

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