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The Good Easy-to-use interface; decent touchscreen.

The Bad Lacks Wi-Fi connectivity; poor-quality headphones.

The Bottom Line The Huawei U7510 looks stylish and is relatively easy to use, but its build quality and battery life are just so-so. If you can afford to spend more, we think you'd probably be better off with the Samsung Genio Touch

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Huawei isn't exactly a well-known brand in the UK, but the company actually makes many of the modems that operators bundle with their mobile-broadband packages. Now 3 has picked up the company's touchscreen U7510 phone and is offering it for free on a £10-per-month contract, or for £50 on a pay-as-you-go deal.

Style on the cheap
For a cheap handset, the U7510 actually looks quite stylish. We like the glossy black finish and chrome trim that frames the screen. The rear of the handset has a rubberised finish that makes it easy to grip, and the phone's curved design means it's comfortable to hold. The build quality isn't as good as that of most handsets from companies like Nokia and Sony Ericsson, however.

The U7510's key feature is its relatively large, 71mm (2.8-inch) touchscreen. This has a reasonable resolution of 240x320 pixels, so text and graphics look quite crisp. The touchscreen uses resistive rather than capacitive technology, so it's not as sensitive to touch input as the screen of a phone like the iPhone or HTC Legend . But it's perfectly useable, as long as you're willing to put up with tapping the screen a second time occasionally to make sure your input is registered.

TouchWiz doppelgänger
The phone's interface looks very similar to the TouchWiz system found on Samsung handsets like the Genio Touch and Omnia Lite . There's only a single home screen, rather than the three found on TouchWiz phones, though.

As with TouchWiz, there's a widget bar at the side of the screen. This pops open to reveal a number of widgets that you can drag and drop onto the home screen. There are widgets for Skype, Windows Live Messenger, email, playing music, and more, as well as shortcuts to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.

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