Huawei Ideos review: Huawei Ideos

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CNET Editors' Rating

4 stars Excellent

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3.5 stars 11 user reviews
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The Good Latest Android 2.2 Froyo; Responsive capacitive touchscreen; 802.11n Wi-Fi; HSPA; Access to the Android app store.

The Bad Low-resolution screen; Weak camera; Not very attractive.

The Bottom Line The Huawei Ideos has the body of a cheap phone, but the heart and soul of a brilliant Android smart phone, with plenty of features and a usable, responsive screen.

CNET Editors' Choice Sep '10

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The Huawei Ideos does everything right to create a cheap phone with plenty of smarts. It's not going to take on the big, beautiful Samsung Galaxy S , but it's got an even newer version of Android and should only cost about £100 on pay as you go. We'll take ten!

The Ideos isn't in shops yet, and since Huawei isn't a well-known brand here, it will probably get renamed by the network that brings it to the UK. It should still be called the Ideos, though, so look for it on pay as you go for between £99 and £129.

All the Android

Huawei says it worked closely with Google to make the Ideos, which is evident in the Google logo that graces the back of the phone. This phone is pure Android 2.2 Froyo , the latest version of Google's operating system. That means you have all the latest features, except one -- there's no Flash on the Ideos. It just doesn't have the processing power to support Flash, sadly. But it does have all the rest of the goodies that come with the latest version of Android.

The Ideos succeeds in making an affordable phone that offers the latest version of Android and plenty more Google power.

That means seamless support for Gmail, Google Maps, email and heaps more built-in features. If that isn't enough for you, you can download more apps from the Android Market. There can be something of a 'Wild West' feel to the Android app store, with amateurs vying with the big brands for the top of the apps charts. But, if you can find the best Android apps , you can make your phone do almost anything you can imagine, from opening Office documents to sending digital postcards. There's also a great official Facebook app and several excellent Twitter clients , including an official one .

The untouched version of Android and the partnership with Google means we can trust Huawei when it says you will get prompt updates for the phone as soon as new versions of the OS come out.

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