HTC Touch Pro2 review: HTC Touch Pro2

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CNET Editors' Rating

3.5 stars Very good
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The Good Excellent screen; spacious keyboard; good connectivity.

The Bad Large and heavy; runs the clunky Windows Mobile operating system.

The Bottom Line The HTC Touch Pro2 certainly won't appeal to everyone, but, with its big, high-resolution screen and roomy keyboard, it'll tick the right boxes for some

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The HTC Touch Pro2 aims to be all things to all people by combining a large touchscreen with a roomy, slide-out Qwerty keyboard. But, available for free on a £35-per-month contract with Orange or around £450 SIM-free, it's quite pricy. Is it good enough to justify its high asking price?

Chunky looks
The Pro2 is one of the largest and heaviest phones we've seen in quite some time. It's significantly bulkier than other phones with slide-out keyboards, such as the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and even HTC's own S740 . There's a reason for this, though -- the Pro2 boasts a large touchscreen and features a much more spacious keyboard than either of those two models.

The handset's large size works against it when it comes to looks, but at least HTC has tried to add a touch of pizzazz by framing the display with a curved chrome band that's very reminiscent of the iPhone's. The Pro2 loses marks due to its plasticky and cheap-looking silver battery cover, though.

Great screen and keyboard
On the plus side, the Pro2's screen really is a beauty to behold. Like HTC's Touch HD , it's got a very high resolution of 480x800 pixels, so text and graphics look incredibly crisp and sharp. As it's also extremely bright, colours really leap out at you from the display. It certainly makes the screens on other popular smart phones, such as the iPhone, pale in comparison.

Once the spacious keyboard is deployed, you can adjust the angle of the screen for the optimal typing experience

But it's not just the Pro2's display that's impressive. The keyboard is excellent too. It slide outs from the case and clicks into place satisfyingly. Unlike with most devices of this type, once the keyboard's out, you can adjust the tilt of the display to get a better viewing angle while typing. The relatively large size of the Pro2 means HTC's been able to equip it with a much roomier keyboard than you usually find on devices of this ilk. As a result, the keyboard's a real pleasure to type on. You can use it quite comfortably for typing out long emails or editing work documents on the go.

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HTC Touch Pro 2 - 3G GSM - smartphone

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  • Technology WCDMA (UMTS) / GSM
  • Service Provider not specified
  • Weight 179 g
  • Diagonal Size 3.6 in
  • Sensor Resolution 3.2 pixels