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Typical Price: £320.00
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4 stars

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2.5 stars 4 user reviews

The Good Appealing design; front-facing camera for video calls; excellent battery life; dedicated Facebook button.

The Bad No Flash support in browser.

The Bottom Line The HTC Salsa is a very competent mid-range Android phone that offers a slick design, solid hardware and a dedicated Facebook button. If you're a social-networking fanatic, you should check it out.

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8.3 Overall

The Salsa is the result of HTC's attempt to create the ultimate Facebook phone. Letting you quickly upload entries to your Facebook wall at the touch of a button, it's likely to find favour with dedicated social butterflies, but there's much more to this phone that status updates and spamming your chums with pointless links.

SIM-free and unlocked, you can expect to part with around £320 for the Salsa. Contract prices are still to be announced, but you can expect the phone to be free on a £15-per-month contract.

Legendary design

At first glance, the Salsa bares more than a passing resemblance to HTC's unfairly ignored Legend handset. But the Salsa boasts a larger, 3.4-inch screen, with a 480x320-pixel resolution. Note that HTC's LCD technology still struggles to match the luminous brilliance of Samsung's Super AMOLED displays.

Physical controls are limited to a power button, volume rocker and a very welcome camera button. The only other key on the entire device is a seemingly inconspicuous blue button located just below the touch-sensitive Android shortcuts, but it's possibly the most significant part of the Salsa's design.

First against the wall

This dedicated Facebook button allows you to post content directly to your wall in a matter of seconds. It has multiple applications. For example, once you've taken a photo, the button glows to indicate you can upload it to your Facebook account. A quick tap and your image is uploaded and ready for all and sundry to gawp at.

A similar process can be followed to post links, share videos and even let people know what you're currently listening to on your phone's music player. Just make sure you don't accidentally push it when you've got Jedward on.

If you're the sort of person who loves to share every element of your life, this tiny little button is likely to become your best friend.

Places in the sun

The fun doesn't end there. Holding down the button for longer opens up the Facebook Places mode, which lets you check in at your current location or create a new location profile. Your friends will not only be informed of every photo, Web page and song you encounter, but also of your precise position, 24 hours a day.

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