HP Media Vault Pro MV5020 review: HP Media Vault Pro MV5020

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The Good Price; easy to setup; abundance of media-friendly features.

The Bad Limited power management; port-forwarding auto setup didn't work for us.

The Bottom Line The Media Vault Pro provides an excellent way to back up multiple computers or share media files across your network. It's easy to recommend because it doesn't cost too much, has numerous features and is simple to use. This is one of the best network hard drives around at the moment

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Why buy an external USB hard drive to use with just one PC when you can get a networked hard drive and share it with all the computers connected to your broadband router at home? That's the thinking behind HP's latest media-friendly network hard drive, the Media Vault Pro MV5020, which is available for around £200.

The Media Vault Pro is a networked hard drive, which means that instead of connecting it via USB or eSata to a PC or laptop, you connect it to the router on your home network. From here it can be shared with all the computers and devices on your network, so you can use it to store files centrally in one location or to backup all your network connected computers.

Although it's a little smaller than a Shuttle -style PC, the Vault still packs in two bays for holding Sata hard drives. A single 500GB Sata drive pre-installed leaves you with the option of adding another drive at a later date. You can also connect external hard drives to it via the front and rear USB ports.

HP has made the device very easy to setup. You just connect it to your router via an Ethernet cable (one is supplied in the box) and then load the software on one of your PCs. During the initial setup, the configuration software will automatically make sure the drive is assigned to the correct network workgroup and load the management tool on your PC so you can easily access the drive.

During installation the supplied NTI backup software is also installed. This is very straightforward to use and allows you to setup individual folders or files that should be backed up or alternatively to back up an entire drive over your network.

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