Goodmans LD2667D review:

Goodmans LD2667D

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Typical Price: £250.00
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2 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Body looks okay from a distance.

The Bad Poor set of connections; devoid of interesting features; average audio; dismal picture quality.

The Bottom Line Goodmans has developed a reputation as one of the best budget brands. But the LD2667D tarnishes that reputation badly, thanks to a paucity of connections, average audio and depressingly poor picture performance that seems a good few years past its sell-by date

4.5 Overall

If you buy a 26-inch LCD TV for just £250, you have to accept that you're hardly going to be getting the last word in AV quality. A set like the HD Ready Goodmans LD2667D has clearly been put together to save you money rather than deliver pristine performance standards. Even so, we think you've got a right to expect more for your money than the Comet-exclusive LD2667D offers.

Average looks
The LD2667D actually gets off to a promising start, by being far from the nastiest-looking cheapo TV we've seen. Its glossy black body work inevitably looks rather plasticky if you get up close, but, from a reasonable distance, there's little to distinguish it from TVs that cost twice as much.

The LD2667D certainly starts to look its money when you get to its connections, though. It only boasts one HDMI input, at a time when we'd expect even the most cheap and cheerful set to give us at least two. Unsurprisingly, there are no USB ports, SD card slots or the like for viewing JPEGs on the screen. The only slightly pleasing thing about the set's connectivity, in fact, is the inclusion of a PC jack so that you can double the screen up as a computer monitor.

Spartan features
Predictably for the money, the LD2667D is pretty much devoid of interesting features. The native resolution is par for the course -- an HD Ready 1,366x768 pixels -- there's no picture processing worth mentioning, options for adjusting the pictures are bog-standard, and the set's claimed contrast ratio is a seriously uninspiring 700:1.

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