BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth Headset review:

BlueAnt Q1 Bluetooth Headset

The call quality on the BlueAnt Q1 is very good. We made several calls with the iPhone and compared the call quality of the phone with the call quality of the headset, and callers said there was hardly any difference. We then went outside on a busy sidewalk to test out the noise cancellation, and callers said that while they could tell we were outside because of a slight background noise, they could still hear us loud and clear. We tested this ourselves with our voice mail, and we did hear a bit of static at times, but it was tolerable.

We also wanted to test the Q1's voice isolation sensor. It comes in two modes: Standard and Max. Standard has regular noise suppression, whereas Max is for maximum noise suppression in extremely noisy situations where a natural-sounding voice isn't as important. We tested the call quality with both modes, and callers did say there was less background sound in the Max mode. It was quite a windy day as well, and the BlueAnt Q1 handled that without much difference in call quality. We'll have to stress test the Q1 further in even windier environments to really check out the wind noise reduction.

On our end, we heard our caller just fine for the most part, though we did encounter a bit of static when we turned on the voice isolation sensor to Max.

Aside from these features, the Q1 also has call mute, call waiting support, and the capability to transfer calls from the headset to the phone and vice versa. It also has automatic volume control.

The BlueAnt Q1 has a rated battery life of 4 hours talk time and 5 days standby time, which is less than the V1. It comes with a USB charging adapter and an AC adapter.

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