Blue Microphones Yeti USB Mic review: Blue Microphones Yeti USB Mic

Unfortunately, the wobbly plastic knobs used for volume and gain control seem out of place on the otherwise brick-solid Yeti. During our few weeks of testing, the flimsy-feeling knobs never let us down, but their seemingly delicate design should probably be handled with care. If you're a chronic klutz, a two-year warranty against defects is included.

When it comes to performance, the Yeti has plenty to brag about. For starters, this is the first microphone or audio input device to receive the coveted THX certification. The certification involves a multitude of factors, including tests for frequency response and signal-to-noise ratio, and--perhaps more importantly--proof of performance consistency across multiple product batches. In other words, the Yeti had to sound good and have a reasonable chance of sounding good for every user.

The Yeti's three-capsule, multipattern microphone design is another first for the USB microphone world. The three 14mm mic capsules are arranged in a slightly offset, triangular layout, affording four different recording patterns, including stereo--which is a rare find for a relatively large capsule microphone like this. And although we're big fans of the mic capsules used on Blue's Mikey and Snowball products, Blue's product representative was quick to point out that the Yeti uses a new capsule design with a slightly different tuning that takes advantage of the three-capsule layout.

Of course, you'll need to hear the Yeti for yourself to really appreciate what the microphone has to offer. We've included a few audio samples to give you a sense of the superior depth and recording range of the Yeti compared against similarly priced USB microphones.

Jasmine podcast intro, Yeti (cardioid pattern, distance: 2 feet) Listen now:

Jasmine podcast intro, Snowball (cardioid pattern, distance: 2 feet) Listen now:

Jasmine and Donald podcast intro, Yeti (bidirectional, distance: 12 inches) Listen now:

Donald voice test G-Track (cardioid, distance: 12 inches) Listen now:

Donald voice test Snowball (cardioid, distance: 12 inches) Listen now:

Donald voice test Yeti (cardioid, distance: 12 inches) Listen now:

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    Blue Microphones Yeti USB Mic

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