Audiovox CNP1000 Connect-and-Play (XM)

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/ Updated: 14 July 2005 8:00 am BST

Quick Take: The Audiovox CNP1000 Connect-and-Play ($50 list) is a tiny XM receiver with a built-in antenna that adds satellite radio reception to any home-audio product bearing the XM Ready label. The small dongle is about the same size as your computer mouse and includes a 20-foot cord so that it can be placed for optimal reception. Plug the cable into the host device-- Yamaha's RX-V757 A/V receiver and Polk Audio's I-Sonic tabletop radio are two examples of the growing number of compatible products--and you'll be able to enjoy the full panoply of XM's programming. As with all satellite radio receivers, the CNP1000 requires a monthly subscription. Furthermore, it's important to note that the CNP1000 is strictly intended for use with home products, not XM car radios. But since the subscription is matched to the CNP1000's podlike receiver, it can be moved transparently between any compatible XM-ready home device. XM fans looking for an easy upgrade path--and a less cluttered equipment rack--will find the Audiovox CNP1000 Connect-and-Play a must-have accessory.

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Audiovox CNP1000 Connect-and-Play (XM)

Part Number: CNP1000 Released: 15 Apr 2005
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  • Release date 15 Apr 2005
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