Aliph Jawbone Icon review:

Aliph Jawbone Icon

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Typical Price: £80.00
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3 stars

CNET Editors' Rating

The Good Amusing downloadable voices; if used in conjunction with an iPhone, the Icon's battery life will be displayed on the phone's screen; effective noise-cancellation feature.

The Bad No volume control; flimsy ear loop; expensive.

The Bottom Line The Aliph Jawbone Icon is rather pricey and lacks volume keys, but, if luxury is your bag, then its noise-cancelling capability, downloadable extras and simple interface will probably satisfy you

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6.5 Overall

Every type of gizmo needs a luxury version -- something packed with over-the-top features that make cheaper products look paltry by comparison. Such is the Aliph Jawbone Icon, a Bluetooth headset the likes of which we've never seen before. Available in seven different designs, offering downloadable voices and noise-cancellation capability, the Icon is the kind of Bluetooth headset that Gordon Gekko would use. But luxury doesn't come cheap. At around £80, is the Icon really worth it?

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The Icon is fairly guaranteed to turn heads -- if anyone can see it. At about 45mm long, and sporting a sultry, glossy black coating, it's likely that nobody would notice our review sample protruding from an ear.

If you use an iPhone in conjunction with the Icon, the latter's battery status will be displayed on your handset's screen. That's a welcome feature. As far as the Icon's battery life goes, expect to get around 4 to 5 hours of talk time from a full charge, and about a week's worth of standby time.

The Icon will spout pre-recorded phrases whenever you perform key actions such as rejecting a call or redialling. One of the Icon's oddest features is its ability to play new voices downloaded from the Jawbone Web site. From the alluring tones of the 'Bombshell' ('I'm on and ready to go') to the horrible French accent of the 'Rogue' ('I am ready for my assignment'), it's an unintentionally hilarious feature that's both completely pointless and plenty of fun.

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