Xbox Live update leaves gamers locked out

The recent Xbox Live dashboard update has left some disgruntled users unable to access their Xbox Live accounts.

Xbox Live is dead for some gamers. The recent Xbox Live dashboard update has left some disgruntled users unable to access their Xbox Live accounts -- but Microsoft says it's working to sort things out.

The update arrived a day late -- and a dollar short, it seems, for some users. Those affected are unable to download their profiles or get their purchased content, and can't join in the fragging fun on the Xbox Live network.

The good news is Microsoft is working on fixing the problem. The bad news, it may not be resolved until after the holidays. Guess we'd better resign ourselves to the holiday horror of board games, long walks and conversation with the family -- or even worse, just playing a game out of the box without abusive teenagers yelling in your ear from half the world away.

Or you could abandon your console and turn to gaming on your iPhone. It's basically the same anyway, right?

LOL. Just trollin'.

If you're suffering serious online gaming withdrawal, check out our guide to things to do while the PlayStation Network is down. Just replace 'PlayStation' with 'Xbox' -- they're basically the same anyway, right?

LOL. Just trollin'.

The update brought an aesthetic overhaul along with the teething troubles, bringing the Xbox 360 in line with Windows Phone and Windows 8 by slapping on the tiled 'Metro' interface.

The update brings a slew of new apps, including LoveFilm and 4oD, that go one step further towards turning your Xbox into a proper telly offering -- unless of course you own one of the older models that makes a noise like a jet engine whenever it's switched on, and sometimes when it's switched off.

LOL. Just, y'know.

In all seriousness, this is a pretty poor show from Microsoft. What's the point of paying good money for games and extra content when you can't get at it because of a software update you didn't ask for?

Microsoft says it's working on fixing error code 801540B7, which instructs users to re-download their Xbox Live profile and directs them to customer service support for further assistance. Have you encountered this error -- or error code 80070571, which is reported to be causing similar problems?

If you've been experiencing problems, what has Microsoft support been like? Tell us your story in the comments or on our Facebook page -- and for all your gaming gossip, news and reviews, check out our button-bashing buddies at GameSpot UK.

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