Watch hands-on videos of every Samsung Galaxy S4 edition

The Galaxy S4, S4 Zoom, S4 Active and S4 Mini -- this is the place to see them all in action.

Interested in seeing the Samsung Galaxy S4 or one of its loyal spin-off gadgets? Look no further, weary Web-wanderer -- this page is your one-stop destination for hands-on video with the Galaxy S4 and every single one of its various variegated variants.

Samsung Galaxy S4

The big daddy, the progenitor, the mothership -- the Samsung Galaxy S4 impressed us mightily with its 5-inch 1080p display, 13-megapixel camera and shockingly speedy quad-core processor. If you're looking for the top dog of the Android world, look no further than the video embedded below these words.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Not everyone wants a massive mobile, so if you'd rather trouser a smaller device, the 4.3-inch S4 Mini could be right up your alley. Buyer beware, though -- the Mini may bear the S4 name, but it doesn't have the camera, screen resolution or processing grunt of its namesake. Check out this deceptive mid-range blower below.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Now you're talking -- the S4 Active takes the regular S4 and surrounds it in toughened materials, making it waterproof and better suited to resisting damage. The only noticeable hardware difference is an 8 -- rather than 13 -- megapixel camera, but you do get a cool underwater 'Aqua Mode' for taking submerged snaps. Boffo.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Tired of lugging around a smart phone and a digital camera? The S4 Zoom inelegantly solves that issue by jamming both devices together into one extremely cumbersome photo-blower. There's a 16-megapixel sensor lurking beneath that 10x optical zoom, though the 4.3-inch display and dual-core processor don't have much in common with the normal S4. Check out our hands-on video below these very words.


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