Virgin broadband speeds going up from today

Virgin Media is boosting broadband speeds from today to see some customers connecting to the Web at up to 120Mbps.

Virgin Media is putting the pedal to the metal, boosting broadband speeds from today to see some customers connecting to the Web at up to 120Mbps.

As part of the Double Your Speeds programme, your speeds should go up. If you're on a 100Mbps plan, your top speed is getting a shot in the arm, up to 120Mbps, to create a new top-tier service.

Virgin has upgraded nearly half of its network to improve speeds, offering greater bandwidth to fit more streamed video and music, uploaded Instagram snaps and other online carrying-on into your Internet pipes.

Virgin Media's line-up now includes packages promising maximum speeds of 30Mbps, 60Mbps and up to 100Mbps or 120Mbps.

Of course, these numbers are a theoretical maximum, and your actual speeds may be much less. That said, Virgin Media has in the past managed to be the only ISP to not only deliver the speeds advertised but even exceed them, according to telecoms watchdog Ofcom.

Last week, however, the Advertising Standards Agency rapped Virgin on the knuckles over misleading claims in adverts claiming the service would not buffer when watching video online.

Earlier this year, Ofcom also found that Virgin Media's up to 50Mbps package has the best performance, averaging 49Mbps. Virgin Media is also consistently one of the best broadband performers in terms of customer satisfaction, although not everybody loves the supplied SuperHub router.

You'll see the full benefit of the speed boosts by the middle of next year, when work is completed. How's your broadband? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our blisteringly fast Facebook page.

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