Vine branches out with Web embeds

Twitter fertilizes its video service with sharing features that should help the 6-second clips get more attention.

Vine, the 6-second video-clip service from Twitter, is today partially branching out beyond its walled garden with the release of Web embeds, a tool that finally gives people a way to share their own funky vids and others' machinations anywhere they'd like.

Vine is the 2-month-old video application owned by Twitter. The iPhone-only app lets people weave together supersmall clips to make 6-second movies that can be shared and viewed on Twitter.

Friday, Vine added support for Web embeds, which means anyone can now copy and paste a little code to embed the clips on Web pages.

The new option, accessible via an embed button on published Vine pages, allows for "simple" or "postcard"-style embeds in three sizes: 320px, 480px, and 600px. You can choose "simple" to embed just the video, or opt for the postcard option, pictured above, to keep the Vine video's original format, complete with text description and location, in tact.

Vine's iPhone application was also updated today to let people share other users' video posts to Twitter and Facebook. The new version of the application, which features an embed button, doesn't actually generate embed code, but instead directs people to the video's landing page on the Web.

The updates are the first significant changes to the Vine experience to allow for boundless sharing. Web embeds should act like fertilizer to help the video-sharing app grow faster.

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