Valve Steam Machines to battle game consoles

In the quest for the living room, Valve begins testing a new video game system with a unique controller. Also, Facebook tweaks advertisements, and AOL launches discounted bundles of digital goods with Gathr.

CNET Update bundles it up:


In this episode of Update:

- Learn about Valve's upcoming Steam Machines and the Steam operating system . To play PC games from the living room TV, Valve also designed a new type of wireless controller with trackpads .

- Get ready for Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear smartwatch to hit US stores this week , with RadioShack offering trade-in deals .

- Tell Facebook if you don't like an advertisement, and Facebook will listen and adjust .

- Don't be surprised to see ads in the Gmail Android app, according to code discovered by Android Police.

- Browse the discounted bundles of digital services and goods from AOL's


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