Twitter Week: Stop saying 'tweeple', idiot

Using words like 'twonversation', 'tweeple' and 'twargument' on Twitter is pointless, and indicates only that you are suffering a particularly nasty case of 'Fail'

If you use words like 'twonversation', 'tweeple' and 'twargument' on Twitter, you should consider visiting your GP -- you may have caught a terminal disease known as 'Fail'.

The tendency to prefix common words with 'tw', to imply a relationship between the word in question and Twitter, is one that utterly bemuses me. It serves absolutely no purpose. And, as a bonus, it makes you sound like a gimp.

Here's a quick lesson in basic English. On Twitter:

1) A conversation does not become a twonversation
2) An argument does not become a twargument
3) A debate does not become a twebate
4) A whine does not become a twine
5) Making a list does not mean you made a twist

And so forth.

As a tweneral rule of twumb, anyone who uses these twords on a twegular basis gets an unfollowing, because, as you can twee, it makes you twound like a complete twat*.

Please stop it. And, while you're busy stopping, you can follow me at, and follow the CNET UK Twitter feed here:

*This word is formed from, er, 'prat'.

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