Toyota unveiling Yaris hybrid, Prius+ at Geneva

Toyota's hybrid lineup will grow stronger by two at the 2011 Geneva auto show, but where do these new models fit in?

The Yaris HSD concept will debut at the 2011 Geneva auto show alongside the Prius+.
The Yaris HSD concept will debut at the 2011 Geneva auto show alongside the Prius+. Toyota

The Prius+ will seat seven passengers.
The Prius+ will seat seven passengers. Toyota

At the upcoming 2011 Geneva auto show, Toyota will find a new hood under which to cram its Hybrid Synergy Drive (HSD) with the unveiling of a Yaris HSD concept. The automaker will also grow its Prius family of hybrids (in more ways than one) when it rolls out the larger Prius+.

In the wake of the 2011 Detroit auto show's unveiling of the compact Prius C and larger Prius V concepts, the compact Yaris HSD and larger Prius+ concepts seem like a bit of déjà vu. However, the upcoming Prius+ will seat seven passengers versus the V's five, and will likely feature an extended wheelbase, creating a vehicle form factor that's more small minivan than wagon.

And while the Prius C we hope to get in the future will be an all-new vehicle, the Yaris HSD is based on an existing vehicle. This means that Toyota could roll the Yaris hybrid out to the European market (its expected target, sorry U.S. readers) long before development is completed on the baby Prius. Even after, the two models could live side by side for some time thanks to minor differences in packaging, large differences in style, and potential differences in price.

We'll keep you posted with more information about Toyota's expanding electrified vehicle selection as our coverage of the 2011 Geneva auto show continues.

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