Touchscreen titans: HTC Touch Diamond vs 3G iPhone vs Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 vs Garmin nuvifone

If the Chinese calendar used tech instead of animals, this would definitely be the year of the touchscreen phone. But before you go off to celebrate, make sure you get the right one

If you thought you'd heard too much about the iPhone, be prepared to hear even more. Rumour has it the 3G iPhone is coming soon, but this year it won't be alone. Other manufacturers have poured water on the touchscreen Gremlin and produced all kinds of wacky phones.

You won't be able to move this summer without someone whipping out a touchscreen phone and loudly discussing the merits of theirs over someone else's. But which ones are going to be worth your finger's precious time -- and make you feel warm on the inside and smug on the outside?

We've put together a list of four touchtastic phones set to launch this year that we think might tickle your tech bone -- but they're all pretty different, so make sure to investigate each one thoroughly before you make your final decision. Click on the next page to find out more. -Andrew Lim

Update: Read our full HTC Touch Diamond review

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