Top ten geek haircuts

We've all got hair, but whatever your attitude to your own dorky bouffant there have been some corkers in the world of geeks over the years, so let's celebrate some of the best

Geeks can have some marvellous hair when they put their mighty minds to it. All of the nerds in this list deserve credit for their first-rate dork hair. It's either naturally brilliant, or created with clever styling and a judicious use of hair products. Some of the hair in our list has developed through total neglect. And that's cool too, because you're either too busy being a geek to get a haircut, or you're sticking it to the man with your unruly mop. -Ian Morris

Apple haircut dude: Fanboy geek
When it comes to geek devotion, it doesn't get more fanboyish than Apple enthusiasts. We've all met them -- some of us even had to fight to get into the computer lab at university because they were clogging it up playing Marathon.

But no matter how bad they smell, or how many times they insist that .htm is inferior to .html as a file extension, they know how to worship at the alter of St Steve. Here we see a perfect example of rabid fanboyism in action -- a man (or conceivably a woman), presumably with some sort of full-time job, has carved the Apple logo into his hair. His mother must be so proud. The image above is actually the cover of a book, The Cult of Mac, by Leander Kahney, but real-life people have actually done this. Seriously.

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