Top five free Android games: Waste your time, but not your money

We all like messing about, and we've all got mobile phones, so it makes sense to combine the two. Happily, there are several excellent games for Android phones

Our favourite Apple joke is that the Mac has one game -- Marathon -- and Apple users are still playing it 250 years after it was first released. Horrifically, it seems we won't be able to use this time-honoured material much longer, as Apple is on its way to becoming one of the leaders in mobile gaming -- all because of the iPhone. It's not the only smart phone platform, of course, and Google's Android OS is building up a fine library of its own.

We've put together a list of the best value (free) games you can lay your hands on at the moment for Android. If you've got one of the rapidly expanding number of Android phones, this should help you get more out of it. You might find you're no longer bored on the train, and that time spent in the doctor's waiting room just flies by. You might also find that your battery lasts 17 minutes, and you get really angry when someone calls and the game resets. But we can't really help with that.

You can download all of these games over the air, simply by searching in the Android Market. Let us know your favourite Android games in the comments section below, and feel free to berate our pathetically inadequate choices. Game on...

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