This Week: World Rally Championship Racing

This blog is the beginning of this week's look at exciting racing video from World Rally Championship.

My blog theme last week dealt with videos featuring redneck cars and racing. This week my blog goes transcontinental by taking a look at World Rally Championship (WRC) and their many exciting races.

First, a little background info: WRC is organized by the FiA (The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile), which is regarded as the official governing body for many racing events (especially in Europe). The FiA established World Rally Championship in 1973, and the series consists of 12 different three-day events at locations throughout Europe focusing on closed roads featuring varying types of road conditions and driving surfaces (i.e., ice and snow, asphalt, gravel, etc.). The competitors race against the clock, and based on a point system WRC eventually crowns a champion driver and car, respectively.

This compilation vid features WRC racing from the beginning of the 2009 season. This footage was captured from Rally Ireland, Rally Norway and the Cyprus Rally as well. Let me tell ya - these cars ZOOM! And this particular web video has a bouncy techno remix of the Eric B. and Rakim classic, "I Know You Got Soul" that makes for a fitting soundtrack.

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