This week in Crave: The 20-sided edition

When we weren't playing ancient Egyptian Dungeons & Dragons this week, we were celebrating the discovery of Superman's home planet in our cozy Tribble slippers.

Too busy booking vacation tickets to the latest super-Earth to keep tabs on Crave this week? Well, plenty happened here on this planet while you were packing for HD 40307g, my friends.

An old die. A really, really old die. Metropolitan Museum of Art

- Ancient Egyptian d20 die emerges ; did they play Dungeons & Dragons in the Ptolemaic Period?

- Brahms meets the touch screen at Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra.

- Hold tight to your tush. Butt-shaking theater seats have arrived .

- Start honing those Velociraptor impressions. "Jurassic Park 3D" is near .

- Pee power to the people!

- Obama victory photo scores big win on Facebook .

- Did tech issues sway your vote ?

- Tuck your toes into a pair of Tribble slippers .

- And now, we break for a mind-bending light show .

- Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superman's home star system !

- Hold your breath and peek inside what could be the world's narrowest abode .

Feeling claustrophobic yet? Take a deep breath and write to us at crave at cnet dot com. And be sure to follow us on Twitter: @crave.

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