The Daily iPad newspaper hits UK, but quietly

News Corporation has quietly launched its The Daily iPad newspaper in the UK, so it's available now. But what's with the lack of fanfare?

Sshh. Want to know a secret? OK, come close. Little closer. OK, now don't tell anyone, but News Corporation has launched its The Daily iPad newspaper right here in the UK. And it didn't so much as let out a peep. A new-found modesty for News Corp? Or is it skulking about like a sulking teenager after its hacking imbroglio?

The Daily launched in the US seven months ago, and it's been available in the UK for a week now, though no formal announcement was made. Subscription costs 69p a day or £27.99 for a year. Buy a copy, and you'll see the same News, Business, Gossip, Fashion Week, Opinion, Apps & Tech and Sports sections, though it hasn't been made more relevant for a UK audience. Tsk.

So Brits may well find themselves left cold. Today's issue includes stories on Republican politics, a Minnesota fire, and US house repossessions. It also has a story about Sarah Palin's "sexy past" and an investigation into the nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson that leaked online.

According to the entry on the iTunes Store, The Daily launched in the UK on 7 September (though it didn't show in a web search). It's described as a "US-based publication that covers events around the world."

Not all the user reviews on the App Store have been glowing. From 60 reviews, it has an average score of two-and-a-half out of five."I agree its [sic] a great looking app, but why would anyone in the UK want to read American news, politics and sport" wrote a user called Martin Greenbank. Other reviews echoed his sentiment.

News Corp's chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch was at the US launch in February, announcing The Daily would be available on "all major tablets" as well as the iPad . Though we're yet to see that.

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