The best mobile apps: Because your phone is worth it

Tired of thinking your phone is rubbish compared to an iPhone? Don't throw it out the window just yet -- you could breathe new life into it by downloading a few of these mobile apps

Instead of crying over not being able to afford an iPhone, you need to sort your old phone out with some rejuvenating apps and services. We've compiled a list of some of our favourites -- give them a go and see which ones have you caressing your phone like when you popped it out of its box for the first time. Let us know which is your favourite or if we've missed any in comments below, or discuss it in our forums.

The must-have apps
We don't just like these apps, we think you that if you own a smart phone you have to download them. You're doing your phone a disservice otherwise -- it'd be like taking your girlfriend for a slapup dinner at Little Chef. We'd go as far as saying these programs have changed our lives -- but don't take our word for it, download them now and start living the dream.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a brilliant free-to-download mobile Internet browser that lets you surf the Web in a similar way to your PC's browser, using a few sneaky tricks to overcome your phone's hardware limitations. Instead of cramming a full-sized page on to your little screen, it cleverly presents an overview of a page and you can easily zoom in and out.

If you'd like to give it a go, visit using your phone's existing Web browser and follow the on-screen instructions.

Google Maps

Google may be a search leviathan, but it's also brilliant at making mobile apps. One of its best programs has to be Google Maps for mobile phones, which offers almost everything you get from Google Maps on your computer, including directions.

You can even view streets in satellite mode and use your phone's GPS to tell you exactly where you are. If you don't have GPS, it brilliantly uses nearby mobile towers to establish an approximate location. It's much less accurate than using the GPS mode, but still very handy if you're completely lost.

You can get it for your phone by clicking here and entering your number or visiting on your phone's browser.

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