The 404 1,208: Where we're a heartbeat away (podcast)

Uncle Henry stops by to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day at the same damn time! Bridget also helps us out with the extra mushy rundown today. We'll tell our worst date stories, talk about a NY restaurant offering a fake "homemade" dinner kit that comes with a pre-dirtied apron and cookwear, and expose a really creepy heartbeat app.

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn Google internship trailer debuts

- N.Y. restaurant offers fake "homemade" meal to go for amateur chefs, pre-dirtied cookwear included.

- In high-tech Japan, the fax machines roll on.

- Most definitely the scariest Valentines Day app around.

- Guns in movies: Find your favorites in the Internet Movie Firearms Database.

Bathroom break video: Jackie Chan - "Love Me"


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