The 404 1,133: Where we put the Apple iPhone 5 on a pedestal (podcast)

Apple bestowed an iPhone 5 onto CNET's own Scott Stein for an advance review, and he brings it along on today's 404 episode. He tells us about his evaluation experience shrouded in secrecy, why he gave the iPhone 5 an Editors' Choice award, and where he feels the company lost its design footing.

The 404/CNET

Leaked from today's 404 episode:

- Check out Scott Stein's comprehensive review of the Apple iPhone 5.

- Scott writes about the 5 things that surprised him about the iPhone 5.

- Apple delivers iOS 6 , available for download now.

- First Look video of Apple's new Maps application .

- How to control your privacy settings on iOS 6 .

- Apple Lightning Adapter adds life to your old gear .

- Sony unveils super slim PlayStation 3 .



Episode 1,133


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