The 3G iPhone survival guide

We've stumbled across a rather handy 3G iPhone survival guide on the Internet. We're guessing it's going to be shipped with 3G iPhones somewhere overseas, but it makes for a rather curious read...

Ah, the Interwebs. Via the magic of email from a secret source in parts foreign we've got our mitts on a copy of a 3G iPhone survival guide -- which will no doubt be standard issue with every 3G iPhone sold in, you know, Asia or somewhere.

Unfortunately, the copy of the survival guide we've secured is written in a foreign tongue (Klingon? Vogon?), but thanks to a nifty online tool, we've been able to translate it and reveal its important tips. We can't, of course, guarantee that all the translations are perfect, but we hope you'll get the gist of it. From the looks of it, being a 3G iPhone owner may present some unique challenges... -Andrew Lim

Images by Justin Zwierzanski, Mark Lawrence and Russell Willis/

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