That color just isn't you--hit the switch

Singapore students create uniforms that change colors.

Singapore's student inventors Singapore News

While U.S. high schools students dominate in the kegger-fueled, jackass video art form, their counterparts in Singapore are pulling ahead with what could be the most significant innovation in individual camouflage since the gilly suit--a military uniform that changes color.

The students accomplished this, shockingly, "by using a material that can change colours," the Singapore News helpfully explained. Actually they relied on electrochromism, a process that causes electroactive material to change color when an "electric field is applied."

The students belong to the Young Defense Scientists Program, which the country's leaders hope will create a pool of defense scientists to ensure "Singapore's technical edge in defense and security." The youths who created the color-changing uniforms each received a S$1,000 scholarship and a S$200 book voucher.

But our question is, will they be on the rack for spring?

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    The military establishment's ever increasing reliance on technology and whiz-bang gadgetry impacts us as consumers, investors, taxpayers and ultimately as the defended. Our mission here is to bring some of these products and concepts to your attention based on carefully selected criteria such as importance to national security, originality, collateral damage to the treasury and adaptability to yard maintenance-but not necessarily in that order. E-mail him at Disclosure.


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