That color just isn't you--hit the switch

Singapore students create uniforms that change colors.

Singapore's student inventors Singapore News

While U.S. high schools students dominate in the kegger-fueled, jackass video art form, their counterparts in Singapore are pulling ahead with what could be the most significant innovation in individual camouflage since the gilly suit--a military uniform that changes color.

The students accomplished this, shockingly, "by using a material that can change colours," the Singapore News helpfully explained. Actually they relied on electrochromism, a process that causes electroactive material to change color when an "electric field is applied."

The students belong to the Young Defense Scientists Program, which the country's leaders hope will create a pool of defense scientists to ensure "Singapore's technical edge in defense and security." The youths who created the color-changing uniforms each received a S$1,000 scholarship and a S$200 book voucher.

But our question is, will they be on the rack for spring?

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