Tech powers F1 cars in Austin

Data storage company NetApp releases a graphic showing how much technology serves modern Formula 1 cars, ahead of this Sunday's race in Austin, Texas.

Formula 1 racing facts

Did you know that a modern F1 car incorporates 130 sensors, transmitting a large volume of data during each race and practice session? During this weekend's Formula 1 race in Austin, Texas, teams from all over the world will be examining reams of data covering their cars' engine and driver performance.

Data storage company NetApp, the solutions of which are used by such F1 teams as BMW's Sauber, created a graphic (above), showing technology and other facts about modern Formula 1 racing.

For instance, did you know that active suspensions were banned in 1994, but kinetic energy recovery systems were allowed in 2009? The race in Austin, at the new Circuit of Americas track, will cover 56 laps of 3.43 miles each.

Click the above image for the full-size infographic.

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