Tag Heuer Merediist 2 dual-screen phone costs £3,000

The 1 percent can still feel superior with the £3,300 Tag Heuer Merediist 2, with dual screens and 24-hour concierge service.

As austerity bites and governments shut down for a day or two, it's good to know the 1 percent can still feel superior with gadgets like the Tag Heuer Merediist 2 -- yours for just £3,300.

The ludicrous Merediist 2 is a stainless steel phone with a sapphire screen and a watch face in the top, plus a battery that brags it can last for 28 days.

Like the four-grand Vertu Constellation expensophone and its ilk, the Tag Heuer Merediist 2 comes with access to a round-the-clock concierge service. Just press one button for a personal fixer at the other end of the line any time of day or night to deliver a dinner reservation, a bottle of the finest giggle water to your flat after the office's shut, or the answer to that really hard one in the pub quiz picture round.

Tag Heuer is best known for watches, but has experience in ridiculous phones with the £2,300 Tag Heuer Racer as well as the first generation of Meridiist, which also cost round £3,000 way back in 2008.

The new model is thinner, still sporting a second screen on the top that shows the time on an OLED display. The rest of the specs are even thinner, because anyone dropping that kind of silly money on a phone probably doesn't care what version of Android it runs.

The Merediist 2 boasts not one SIM card for your money but two, that you can switch between seamlessly: one for London and one for Moscow, say, or one for your family and one for your expensive stable of high-class escorts.

Is the Merediist 2 worth the money? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or leave an extravagant tip on our Facebook page.

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