Tablets more popular than phones for iPlayer, BBC says

More Brits are using tablets than smart phones to watch on-demand telly, the Beeb says.

Brits used more tablets than smart phones to watch iPlayer in March, the BBC says -- the first time that slate-shaped devices have overtaken mobiles in the Beeb's viewing figures.

200,000 more requests to iPlayer came from tablets than phones last month, the BBC says, while requests from all mobile devices made up a healthy 30 per cent of all traffic to Auntie's on-demand service.

That figure seems to be growing -- In January it was divulged that 25 per cent of iPlayer visits came from mobile gadgets in 2012.

Meanwhile, the BBC has also said which programs proved most popular on its service, namely Top Gear's Africa special and Neil Gaiman's radio drama Neverwhere, which topped Radio 4's comedy programmes.

The average age of iPlayer visitors remains "strongly under-55", the BBC says, "which is younger than the typical TV viewer or radio listener's profile."

That suggests the service -- while hitting a whopping 272 million requests in March -- is still not too popular with older viewers. There's more daytime and late-night viewing on iPlayer than there is on normal telly.

Peter Kay's new sitcom Car Share will debut on iPlayer before it lands on TV, a sign that the British Broadcasting Corp. is putting more stock in its on-demand tech.

Last month the popular streaming service was confirmed to land on Windows Phone at long last, though those using Microsoft's tile-centric operating system will have to make do with a humble homescreen shortcut, which redirects you to iPlayer's Web version.

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