T-shirt helps you open your beers

The T-shirt has a beer bot with integrated bottle opener. For 21+, natch.

BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt
If you buy your clothes based on how they help you drink, you might have a problem. ThinkGeek

I'm not a T-shirt kinda guy; I feel like if I'm not wearing things with buttons, at least around the neck, then I'm in my underwear. If I did wear T-shirts, though, they'd have to be handy, like this T-shirt from ThinkGeek that opens beers for you.

The BeerBot Bottle Opening Shirt features an image of a robot inspired by Bender from the Futurama . The beerbot on the shirt has two claws, one of which is metal and is used to pop the tops off beer bottles so you don't have to use, you know, a bottle opener, or your teeth or something.

While I'd prefer an actual robot to follow me around dispensing beers, this will have to do for now. It's $20 and available now in black, but I won't be ordering one. I've been using the metal band on my iPhone 4 to open my Heinekins. It's gotta be good for something, right?

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